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The Cutting Room Floor: A Creative Exploration Story

This article explores the rationale behind utilizing high-megapixel cameras or merging multiple images of a scene to produce a high-megapixel composite. Through an illustrative example, I'll demonstrate a scenario where this technique proves invaluable in revealing an...

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Infrared Photography Part 3: Fujifilm X-E2

[ MATING SEASON | Fuji XE-2 (IR 590nm) + XF 23/2 : 1/210 sec @ f/14 ]In My Return to Infrared Photography Part 1 and Part 2 articles, I write about my experiences and workflow using the Sigma SD1 Merrill (SD1M) as an infrared (IR) camera. The SD1M is a simple camera...

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Panorama In Pieces

In the beginning ... While away on a quick personal trip to Marietta, Georgia, I tried using my favorite point-and-shoot camera, the Fujifilm x100t for panorama making. Earlier in the week, I instructed my students to make a panorama using Lightroom (LR), vertical...

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Infrared Photography Part 2: Sigma SD1M

In Part 1 of this discussion, I explained my current foray into digital infrared (IR) photography and used the Sigma SD1M as my camera of choice. My reasons for choosing the SD1M are the user-friendly removal of the IR blocking filter, and the fact that I currently...

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