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Adapting to Change: Shooting 120 Film in Hasselblad A24 Magazines

This article reviews two rolls of 120 film shot in succession in A12 and A24 film magazines with a Hasselblad 501CM camera equipped with a CF 135/5.6 lens and a Hasselblad Vario Tube. I’ll guide you through the process of loading 120 film into the A24 magazine, which was engineered for 220 film exclusively. Additionally, I’ll provide a contact sheet displaying the entire roll of negatives from both magazines for film spacing review. Then, we will focus on each roll’s first, middle, and last frames, assessing film flatness and sharpness.

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Film and Digital with Iconic Hasselblad Cameras

My Hasselblad cameras are more than just tools; they’re extensions of my artistic expression. Opting to stay with the V system over the 907X, I’ve found a unique rhythm in balancing film and digital photography through two slightly different 500 series models. This intertwining of classic and contemporary methods tells a tale of two Hasselblads, revealing not just how I shoot but why.

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Black & White Film Developing: Stand, Semi-Stand, Standard

This article is about how I process black-and-white (B&W) films. I choose to hand process my 4×5, 120, and the occasional 135 films. Here, I will share the processing equipment I have used and what I have been using for the past decade. The following information is not a deep dive into B&W processing, as there is a wealth of information available elsewhere. It is simply a sharing of information on what works for me after I have spent a considerable amount of time polishing my different techniques. Please keep in mind some film processing chemicals can harm humans and the environment, and always educate yourself about the chemicals you will be using before you begin the process. I do not advocate for any particular chemical, process, or equipment; I share how I do it. Let’s get started.

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