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Infrared Photography Part 2: Sigma SD1M

In Part 1 of this discussion, I explained my current foray into digital infrared (IR) photography and used the Sigma SD1M as my camera of choice. My reasons for choosing the SD1M are the user-friendly removal of the IR blocking filter, and the fact that I currently use the SD1M in my color art photography work. I like the Foveon sensor of the SD1M very much and if you want to use a Foveon sensor, you will have to use a Sigma camera.

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Infrared Photography Part 1: Sigma SD1M

I first tried infrared (IR) photography back in the mid-1990s with a Nikon F3 camera and lenses and the now discontinued Kodak High-Speed Infrared film (Kodak HIE). It was more difficult to shoot IR film when compared to my recent tryout with IR digital because: (1) the film had to be loaded and unloaded in total darkness which made reloading out in the field difficult and (2), you had to wait for the film to be processed to see the results.

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