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[ SOME OF THE FUJIFILM APS-C CAMERAS & GEAR I HAVE USED OVER THE YEARS ]FUJIFILM CAMERAS, GEAR & FILM [ YES ]Below are listed the FUJIFILM cameras and other gear I have used with FUJIFILM cameras: CAMERA BODIES: X-Pro2, X-Pro3, XE-2 (IR 590nm), X100T, X100VXF...

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Infrared Photography Part 3: Fujifilm X-E2

[ MATING SEASON | Fuji XE-2 (IR 590nm) + XF 23/2 : 1/210 sec @ f/14 ]In My Return to Infrared Photography Part 1 and Part 2 articles, I write about my experiences and workflow using the Sigma SD1 Merrill (SD1M) as an infrared (IR) camera. The SD1M is a simple camera...

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Lens Case Recycling: Updating Labels

[ #1: Three Lens Cases Ready to be Recycled ]In my prior article titled, Camera Bag Versatility, I explained how I use lens cases to stow most of my lenses and some smaller gear items. As time passes, we face gear upgrades and letting go of gear we ended up not using...

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