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[ 72/5.6 SUPER ANGULON XL, 150/5.6 SUPER SYMMAR XL, 120/5.6 M DIGITAR,
150/5.6 L SYMMAR, 210/6.8 DIGITAR ]


SCHNEIDER LENSES: 65/5.6 Super-Angulon MC, Apo-Digitar 120/5.6 M, 135/5.6 Apo-Symmar, 210/5.6 Apo-Symmar MC
ALPA-SCHNEIDER LENSES: Apo-Helvetar 28/5.6 XL, Apo-Digitar 35/5.6 XL, Apo-Digitar 47/5.6 XL, Apo-Digitar 72/5.6 L, Apo-Digitar 120/5.6 M
SINAR-SCHNEIDER LENSES: Symmar 150/5.6 in DB Mount, Symmar 150/5.6-265/12 Convertible in DB Mount
SCHNEIDER FILTERS: Center Filter IVd (Apo-Helvetar 28/5.6), Center Filter IIf (Apo-Digitar 35/5.6), B+W Brand Filters by Schneider (various & many)

My first large format lens was a brand new Schneider 210/5.6 Symmar MC I acquired for use with my first 4×5, a Calumet monorail, as a commercial photography student. I studied food and product photography, and that lens was super sharp and very reliable in the studio. Schneider large format lenses are some of the best I have owned and used. Today I continue using Schneider lenses in ALPA mounts for my ALPA technical cameras and Sinar DB mounts for studio work.

Some of the older Schneider-Kreuznach lenses may suffer from “Schneideritis,” a condition that exhibits tiny white dots on the internal black finish of the lens’ metal housing. I have not had a Schneider lens in that state. I have read it should not cause problems with your photos as it is on the black paint finish and not on the lens elements. A lens with fungus, haze, or patterns etched into the glass could be of grave concern, but not Schneideritis. I have always been happy with the results of the Schneider lenses I have used.