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[ COOKE PS945 229/4.5 PORTRAIT LENS ]COOKE PS945 [ NO ]The lens I regret selling the most is the Cooke PS945 soft focus portrait lens. I sold it because I was letting go of shooting 4x5 portraits and getting into medium format digital, primarily ALPA cameras and...

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[ FILTERS: NEUTRAL DENSITY, COLOR CORRECTION/CONTRAST, GELATIN BW ]FILTERS [ YES ]MANUFACTURERS: Agfa, B+W, Cokin, Formatt Hitech, Fotodiox, Fujinon, Hasselblad, Heliopan, Hoya, Kodak, LEE, Leica, Marumi, Nikon, Nisi, Olympus, Pentax, PolarPro, Rodenstock, Rosco,...

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4×5 Film Holders: Care & Carry

[ 4x5 FILM HOLDER + PASTRY BRUSH + SPG TRIPLE SLEEVE ]In photography school, I was taught to use a pastry brush to clean the dust out of my film holders. I still use this technique today, and it works, or I would have changed it to something else long ago. Get a brush...

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