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[ PENTAX 67II + PENTAX K1000 + PENTAX DIGITAL SPOTMETER ]PENTAX [ YES ]CAMERA: Pentax 67 IILENSES: 55/4, 100/4M, 165/4 LS, 55-100/4.5, 90-180/5.6LIGHT METER: Digital SpotmeterPentax is renowned in photography, producing high-quality cameras and optical equipment....

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[ MAMIYA RZ67 PRO IID + MAMIYA 7II + MAMIYA RB67 PRO SD ]MAMIYA CAMERAS [ YES ]Below are listed the MAMIYA cameras and other gear I have used with MAMIYA cameras: CAMERAS: New Mamiya 6, Mamiya 7II, RB67 ProSD, RZ67 Pro IIDMAMIYA 6 LENSES: 50/4, 75/3.5, 150/4.5MAMIYA 7...

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