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The Cutting Room Floor: A Creative Exploration Story

This article explores the rationale behind utilizing high-megapixel cameras or merging multiple images of a scene to produce a high-megapixel composite. Through an illustrative example, I'll demonstrate a scenario where this technique proves invaluable in revealing an...

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[ HASSELBLAD CAMERAS: 500C, 500CM, 501CM, 503CX, SWC, FLEXBODY & 907X ]HASSELBLAD [ YES ]Below are listed the HASSELBLAD cameras and other gear I have used with HASSELBLAD cameras: CAMERA BODIES: 500c, 500cm, 501cm, 503cx, SWC, Flexbody, 907xC LENSES: 30C, 50C, 60C,...

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[ ALPA CAMERAS: TC + SWA + MAX ]ALPA CAMERAS & GEAR [ YES ]Below are listed the ALPA cameras and other gear I have used with ALPA cameras: CAMERA BODIES: Max, SWA, TCSCHNEIDER KREUZNACH LENSES: 28 XL, 35 XL, 47 XL, 72 L, 120 MHASSELBLAD LENSES: 60 CFi, 80 CF, 80...

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