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The Cutting Room Floor: A Creative Exploration Story

This article explores the rationale behind utilizing high-megapixel cameras or merging multiple images of a scene to produce a high-megapixel composite. Through an illustrative example, I'll demonstrate a scenario where this technique proves invaluable in revealing an...

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[ EBONY CAMERAS: SV45 + 45S + 45SU ]EBONY CAMERAS & GEAR LIST [ YES ]Below are listed the EBONY cameras and other gear I have used with EBONY cameras: CAMERAS: 45S, 45SU, RSW45, SV45NIKON NIKKOR LENSES: SW 75/4.5, SW 90/4.5, SW 90/8, W 150/5.6, W 210/5.6, M...

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[ MY CAMBO WIDE 650 PANORAMA KIT COMPONENTS ]CAMBO CAMERAS & GEAR [ YES ]Below are listed the CAMBO cameras and other gear I have used with CAMBO cameras: CAMERAS: Cambo Wide 650, Calumet 45N (made by Cambo)SCHNEIDER LENSES: Super-Angulon 65/5.6, Symmar-S...

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