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Iowa, Nancy Rexroth



Nancy Rexroth’s photography book, IOWA, is a unique collection of images taken not in Iowa (one image is however) but in southeastern Ohio in the early 1970s. Rexroth uses the Diana camera to capture scenes that convey a dreamlike and ethereal quality, reflecting her personal and artistic vision.

The images within the book transport readers into a world that feels familiar and otherworldly. Rexroth’s choice of camera and technique lends a distinctive character to her photos, making them appealing to those interested in poetic and somewhat experimental photography when considering she used a toy camera.

The book’s layout is thoughtfully designed, allowing for a seamless flow between images by use of smaller-sized square images floating on a canvas of white. I like the visual freedom it brings to my mind; however, some readers might find a lack of contextual information or narrative to be a shortcoming, as more insights into the thoughts and stories behind the images could have added depth.

I find the collection unique and artistic, and some, as matter-of-fact, caught by a fraction of a second in time. Some might find the collection repetitive, while others see it as a cohesive and focused work.

While focusing on Ohio, the title IOWA might also be considered a conceptual choice that adds to the book’s mystique or could confuse some readers.

Overall, IOWA offers an intriguing exploration of place and perception, filtered through Rexroth’s unique artistic lens with a toy camera, making it the first book of its kind. It will likely appeal to those interested in alternative photographic processes and an appreciation for the unconventional. The book provides a compelling look at an artist’s vision, even though it may not resonate with every reader.

This photo book reminds me of why I became a photographer many decades ago, and it does this through a natural artistic message that resonates with me.

IOWA was initially published in 1977 and republished by the University of Texas Press in 2017.

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