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Choosing Silence: Why I’ve Disabled Comments On My Website

Choosing Silence: Why I’ve Disabled Comments On My Website

Howdy, wanderer of the web!

The internet is now the Wild West, full of unpredictability and chaos. The comment section is the rambunctious troublemaker among website features. Supposed to be a hotspot for chats, it often turns into a digital bar brawl with spam and trolls crashing the party. Dealing with them is like playing Whac-A-Mole in expert mode.

As your adventurous cat-herding, camera-swinging pho-tog, I’m tripping my shutter your way. However, the comment section is off the grid for now, but if you’re itching to communicate, please use secure messaging.

Handling endless spam and troll wrangling left me feeling like a deflated balloon, with barely any oomph left in my boots to share meaningful thoughts. So, to prove I’m not just a bundle of ones and zeros, I’ve added a 2024 selfie up top to keep things warm and friendly.

Choosing Silence has been a stroke of genius, freeing up my schedule to focus on the good stuff: crafting content, chasing picture-perfect moments, and keeping this tiny corral on the web clean.

Many thanks for dropping by and embracing the quiet.