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[ SOME OF THE FUJIFILM APS-C CAMERAS & GEAR I HAVE USED OVER THE YEARS ]FUJIFILM CAMERAS, GEAR & FILM [ YES ]Below are listed the FUJIFILM cameras and other gear I have used with FUJIFILM cameras: CAMERA BODIES: X-Pro2, X-Pro3, XE-2 (IR 590nm), X100T, X100VXF...

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Polaroid 55 P/N: How I Shoot It

[ POLAROID NEGATIVE CLEARING TANK & PERMA WASH + POLAROID 55 FILM + POLAROID FILM BACKS ]NOTE: This is an early article about a film that Polaroid no longer produces, but all of this info can be applied towards NEW55 PN100. This article has not been updated, and the...

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