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How To Use The Zone System In Photography



Even though the Zone System is over 80 years-old, it is still relevant today whether shooting modern films or digital capture. This article is for photographers wanting to learn more about the Zone System for their particular workflow. We will look at how the Zone System works with a classic film-to-darkroom workflow, and a hybrid film-to-digital workflow. If you are strictly a digital photographer, you will find a better understanding of what the Zone System can offer you as well.

What this article is not intended to be is an exhaustive deep dive into any element of a particular workflow. Photography is art and craft, and to master both takes as much time as it would take to master the art of painting or playing a musical instrument. It is my hope you find something in this article that stirs your interest in discovering what the Zone System can offer your workflow. With all the countless educational resources available today, you will be able to find what I have touched on here in greater detail elsewhere. With that being said, let’s move on.
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