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PRODUCTION CASE: PortaBrace Wheeled Production Case (#WPC-1ORB)
SACK PACK: PortaBrace Sack Pack – Large (#SP-3DIGI)
HIP PACKS:  PortaBrace HIP-2 Hip Pack (#HIP-2), PortaBrace HIP-3 Hip Pack (#HIP-3)

My introduction to PortaBrace gear was early in my career while working in the NYC advertising industry. Some on-location production crews used PortaBrace cases for their equipment. When offered at half price, I acquired my first PortaBrace gear, a HIP-3 Waist Belt. It is extremely well-built and has held up very well over the years. Today I use it for stashing my emergency photo trinket kit, which includes an extra light meter, a scouting viewfinder, and a cable release in the underfloor storage area in my campervan.

PortaBrace is renowned for its build quality and craftsmanship, and its products have been popular in the video/photo industries for over fifty years. I use a blue HIP-2 Waste Belt when I need a waist pack for carrying small items on a walkaround shoot. I removed the original belt and replaced it with a thinner one, as the original was too bulky for my waist.

The PortaBrace Wheeled Production Case is well-built for moving lots of gear on the road. I acquired one for my Atlanta studio and used it for a few years without problems. Then I sold it off as I no longer needed it after moving on from the studio business. It was worth the cost, and if I needed one again, I would not hesitate to duplicate what I owned previously.

Recently I acquired a PortaBrace Sack Pack (Large) in Digi-Camo print. It is wonderful! I can empty whatever backpack kit (4×5, 6×6, medium format digital) I have into this sack because it is that big. I like the Digi-Camo print as it blends in with the outside elements. This sack can hold studio lights as well. So if you are looking for an overall ‘best’ large tote to safely transport a bunch of gear on location in a quick grab, this is your bag!